Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simple + Chic

Overused idea, some might say
but I just love this simple look
with the additional Converse sneakers
Ah, what a comfortable outfit
I will definitely be wearing this
for work maybe?

picture via the sartorialist


nurulazreenazlan said...

this is more or less what i wear to work! tapi aku takde la se-elegant atau cun cam minah nih, hehe.

what i wear: black sequined converse, khakis, blank tshirt of various colours, and black gap blazer (i keep a pair of boots and a pair of leather shoes untuk time2 emergency kena nampak smart) =p

Faizura said...

Sequined converse - Cool!
I need to get a blazer lah.
KK very limited choice. Cant't wait to go to KL and shop, shop, shop! =)

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