Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just Gorgeous!

Ah, no words can describe.
Absolutely stunning!

How I wish I can have the whole team
to come out with these awesome detailing for my wedding =)

Photos by Jessica Claire. Read more here

{via Oh Joy}


anna said...

hey,,,,[click to wedding mode],,aku sdg busy search for ideas,, awesome kan,, so many splendid things people did for weddings,,, really need to put a LOT of time and a bunch of creative minds to work it out,,, good luck, :))

Faizura said...

memang giler aku tgk sume.. hehe. you can check other links under my daily reads for more ideas. gudluck!

isem said...

mmg cun sesangat!!!so bile wedding nyerr?..huhuhuhuhu

french toast friday said...

is it coming soon? :)

Faizura said...

dudu dudu du.. lalalala...What? Whos wedding?

Radin Aminurasyid said...

really luv ths kind of toning... ;)

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