Monday, April 13, 2009

Jewelry Organizer

Weekend Project

I've been longing to ask my sister for this mirror frame
because I know she loves it very much
Since my nephew broke the mirror
(actually it can still be fixed)
I asked her if I can have the frame
and she said YES!

So, I turned the mirror frame into a jewelry organizer
I painted it with my favourite colour
and outlined the edges in black to get
a somewhat whimsical look,
add the backing with black velvet

... and Voila!

I love it!


ruslina said...

where wud the jewelery goes?

faizura said...

ruslina on the black velvet thingy.. it works just like a normal notice board where u can pin on it..

anon said...

Lovely! What color was the paint? brand?

faizura said...

anon Thank you anon. I use Jotun majestic matt in imperial jade.

catyaty said...

I just love the effect of the blue with the black! Fantastic! Beats my cork board any day of the week.

faizura said...

catyaty I just love the contrast! Thank you catyaty =)

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