Tuesday, April 21, 2009

41 Berangan

Need a cheap, clean and comfortable place to stay
in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle?
Do check out 41 Berangan


~NiNs~ said...

ko duk sorang ke sewa ramai2 nih..? dapat keje kat ner..? midvalley kah?

ruslina said...

how cheap is cheap ma'am?
is that a little cabin in the garden?

faizura said...

~NiNs~ oh aku pg tgk jek.. bapak aku duk kat cabin tuh.. best jgak mcm backpackers lah (mcm trip berlin kite gitu) =)

ruslina You can checkout the prices on their website (Price starts from RM80-RM200)

Yeap there are 2 cabin unit in the garden. How cool is that.. =)

Azean Juzaenty said...

wow..! Yakah?? senang mau dapat transport kah sana?? mana tahu next tym sy turun KL better stay d sana jah...

faizura said...

Azean U haf to walk sampai main road to get a cab i guess.. or as mention by my father, it takes about 10min to walk to pavilion.

For girls, i suggest u to come in a big group.

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