Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hop, Skip, Jump

I'm so addicted to the internet because I enjoy blog hopping.
These days I'm into fashion blog.
A few months back I stumble upon this young girl,
Diana Rikasari from Jakarta.
She is super creative and I just love to see how she plays around with her clothes.
(Although her style is nothing I would wear, maybe just a few)


ruslina said...

weh, nice link, girl,
back then aku ngan bad penah discuss tau, nak publish this kind of fashion blog, to focus on sort of fashionable muslimah la camtu, :p, and guess what, the model were to be YOU, bad and of cos, me, :) although i definitely suit in the 'fashion mistakes' post, hehe

i really still want to publish this kind of blog, but i'm out of models :p

faizura said...

ruslina great idea! mebbe we shud try one day.

you can be your own model.

well che rus, you can always be our 'agyness deyn' version =)

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