Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Loving It

As promised earlier, this is the necklace I was talking about.
It took me 2 days to finish it up. I'm very happy how it turned out.
It's so pretty =)
Can't wait to wear it.

Handmade Ruffle Necklace

It is a series of circle sewn together.
I've cutout almost 100s of circles to get this look.
Jersey-like material is used for this project.
(I should have taken photos of the design process, my mistake)


french toast friday said...

OMG Gurl.....this is sooooo gorgeous!!! You definitely have the talent to make anything and everything! Love love love it. Good job!

faizura said...

Thank you thank you =)..
But there's some part I need to improve example the base need to use a more harder material and the strap, I'll use velvet ribbon.

HiDayah said...

agreed with your sista beb.really gorgeous..reminder : remember to take photos of the design process..

me, thiking to attend sewing session this year.

faizura said...

HiDayah thank you gee =).. yeah let go for sewing class.. next thing to purchase = a sewing machine

Radin said...

sy ske bah org dsebalik necklace itu... ;p

faizura said...

Radin alamak.. sya report sama isem nanti!

~NiNs~ said...

bestnya....ko blom ajar aku bagaimana buat birdie haus...tapi ku tak punya masa sekarang ini...bagaimana..?

fly_ said...

alamak saya pun suka, bleh cuba nggak? rupa macam loyar di kamar ehhehe

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