Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Choose a job you love
and you will never have to work a day in your life"


I'm not quite sure if I'm really enjoying my current job
It's hard to tell because it's only been a month since I started

Do you enjoy your job?


HiDayah said...


nurulazreenazlan said...

i dont have a job, so..

ajih said...

dayah penah berkata yg bunyinya begini.. love my my job.. love my job. aa.. err.. eh aa..

anna said...

eeemmmmm, eeeeeemmmm,, eeeerrrr,, mmmmmmm,,,,,
money wise: yes
passion wise: mmmmmmmmmm...

faizura said...

gm: sila beri jawapan yang lebih bernas.. hehe

I'm starting to .. hate? er im trying to enjoy it but... aahh emm.. now i know why gm bagi jawapan mcm ni heheh

ayien: r u enjoying it? ;)

ajih: biasa lah awal2 bersemangat kerja.. lepas tuh..

anna: money shouldnt be a problem lah since kite tinggal dgn family =)

nurulazreenazlan said...

it'd be nicer if i could see what the future holds for me, then i could treat this as a nice long holiday instead of just bumming around like a person with no foreseeable prospect =)

and a looooot nicer if i get a monthly paycheck too, hehehe.

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